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Design project phasing:

product definition: functional requirements - concept development - technical specifications - feasibility

design: laying out - architecture - engineering - detail design - production documentation

realization: prototyping - testing and debugging - definitive design - product documentation

In practice there is overlap between the phases. In complex developments the phasing can be repeated several times to reach the right level of performance. The number of iterations and changes in requirements during the process will influence the efficiency of the process.


Statements that illustrate our views:

Innovation happens at the intersection of technology, business and human values. In the product definition phase this all has to come together.

Mechatronic system design integrates various engineering disciplines in the concept design process to develop an optimal design of a physical system.

For evaluating concepts a multi disciplinary modeling-and-analysis approach is far preferred over the trial-and-error approach.

If an experienced design team is truly innovative, the members have a diverse background and most of what they propose will consist of widely educated guesses based on experience and analysis.

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